Don’t Be So Sensitive! The Myths and Realities of Living With High Sensitivity Traits, Wednesday, 3-15-23 (Live Webinar)

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Don’t Be So Sensitive! The Myths and Realities of Living With High Sensitivity Traits

This webinar is live, real-time and interactive. Participants will earn 2 CE Credits. For many states, live, interactive webinars count the same as in person.


Presenter: Karina Antonopoulos

Wednesday, March 15, 2023

8:00PM – 10:00PM EDT

Live Webinar



Modern research suggests approximately 25%-35% of humans are born with a more sensitive nervous system. Picking up on more information from the external environment may enhance the ability to empathize, experience intuition, be detail-oriented, and notice subtle changes. However, Western culture often promotes a need to be tougher, less emotional, remaining ever-able to handle high levels of stress without breaking a sweat. This landscape may leave Highly Sensitive individuals depleted, anxious, and stuck in “survival mode”.
Join sensitivity-focused educator and life coach, Karina Antonopoulos, as we review contemporary research and assessment surrounding Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) and the supportive measures and strategies that may aid clients in navigating daily functions with a deeper understanding around the implications of being Highly Sensitive, as well as living with Highly Sensitive loved ones.


Karina Antonopoulos is the founder of The Center for Highly Sensitive People in New Paltz, New York. She has been working as a Life Coach with Highly Sensitive People since 2012 and facilitates small and large group experiences to help educate people all over the world what it really means to be a Highly Sensitive Person. She has facilitated HSP Meetup events in New York, Colorado, California, and Hawaii since 2013, teaching and presenting on topics that empower and educate HSPs to embrace their trait and learn how to make it work for them rather than against them. She currently works 1:1 virtually with her private clients, facilitates online
educational group programs and CEU trainings for health professionals, hosts support groups for HSPs who struggle with emotional overwhelm, codependent relationships and love addiction, finding work as a HSP, spiritual growth and development, and general education on the HSP trait. To learn more about Karina and her work with HSPs, listen to her podcast, The Highly Sensitive Leadership Podcast and join her Facebook Group, The Center for Highly Sensitive People.


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Learning objectives – Participants will gain enhanced insight surrounding:

  • Identify common misconceptions of Highly Sensitive People (HSPs)to break preconceived beliefs about what it means to be a sensitive person.
  • Define specific traits that contribute to the HSP temperament.
  • Consider HSP research and indicators via psychoeducation around the challenges HSPs experience and how to support clients with greater ease in meeting their personal, life, relationship, and work goals.

This presentation is open to:

  • Social Workers
  • Professional Counselors
  • Therapists
  • Psychologists
  • Licensed Mental Health Practitioners
  • Other professionals interacting with populations engaged in mental health based services

and is beneficial for:

  • New practitioners who wish to gain enhanced insight surrounding the topic
  • Experienced practitioners who seek to increase and expand fundamental knowledge surrounding the subject matter
  • Advanced practitioners seeking to review concepts and reinforce practice skills and/or access additional consultation
  • Managers seeking to broaden micro and/or macro perspectives

Participants will receive their certificate electronically upon completion of the webinar and course evaluation form.

CE You LLC #1573 is approved as an ACE provider to offer social work continuing education by the Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB) Approved Continuing Education (ACE) program. Regulatory boards are the final authority on courses accepted for continuing education credit. ACE provider approval period: 3/27/2021 – 3/27/2024. Social workers completing this course receive 2 continuing education credits.

CE You LLC is recognized by the New York State Education Department’s State Board for Social Work as an approved provider of continuing education for licensed social workers #SW-0437

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