Ethics Training – August 11, 2011, Greenbelt Library

The Ethics and Workplace Survival Seminar!

This Seminar now offers 6 Category I Ethics CEUs

August 11, 2011

10:15 AM-5:00pm

at the

Greenbelt Branch Library

(PG County)

11 Crescent Road

Greenbelt, MD 20770

This One Day Seminar includes two excellent classes, a total of 6 category I Ethics CEUs. Refreshments are included.



Class 1 (3 Category I Ethics CEUs)

The Change Ethic

Why does change seem so hard? What can we learn about change from alligators, elephants, and a social work Code of Ethics?

One of the most basic ethical principals of social work is that social workers need to assist clients in realizing their capacity to change. While this ethical principle goes to the very core of social work, practitioners often find themselves at a loss when working with “resistant” clients. This interactive training will examine a social worker’s obligation to help clients change and teach effective methods to achieving this ethical obligation. (Trainer Jeffrey Davidson LCSW-C, LICSW)


Class 2 (3 Category I Ethics CEUs)

How can I be Ethical When You’re Driving Me Crazy!?

Surviving the Emotional Hazards of the Workplace

The work place throws together people who did not choose each other, but were hired to work towards a common goal. Workplace dynamics create challenges for social workers as they struggle to achieve their own goals while meeting the objectives and expectations of the organization. But what are our Ethical obligations to colleagues? What does the Code of Ethics have to say about this topic?

Working with difficult people actually affords social workers an opportunity to hone their clinical skills while learning to work out unique challenges.

This interactive training will help social workers understand effective methods for working with difficult people and gain a personal serenity that will allow them to thrive while working through the emotional ups and downs of the workplace. (Trainer Jeffrey Davidson LCSW-C, LICSW)

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