Inclement Weather!

Updated January 25, 2016 – 9:45pm

The Baltimore County Libraries will be opening tomorrow (Tuesday January 26) at 12:00, noon. We recognize that many people attending have a January 31 licensure deadline and are counting on getting this training.

After considering a number of options we have decided that we will start our training at noon and go until at least 5 o’clock when our room reservation ends. This will give those who are able to attend tomorrow the opportunity to get at least 5 of the 6 hours that we were supposed to cover on the first day of the Supervision training.  In the event that the room is available until 6pm, we will complete the full six hours tomorrow. (We will not know this until tomorrow and will discuss it then.)

Thursday will be “Day 2” of the training as originally scheduled.

Those of you who can not make the training, can make up “Day 1” the next time that the training is taught (probably in April or early May).

If anyone needs a refund or credit due to the schedule change, you can do that as well.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.  I hope to see you tomorrow at 12 noon!


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