The Imago, Out of Control Teens, Ethics Seminar 3-21-16

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The Imago, Out of Control Teens, Ethics Seminar!

March 21, 2016

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This CE You! Marathon Seminar includes three excellent classes

(a total of 9 category I CEUs).

You can attend all three classes or select individual classes.  

The Cost of the full seminar is $149.

Two classes are $99. One class is $59. 

Refreshments (healthy and not-so healthy) served throughout the day! Parking is free.



Class 1 – 10:00am-1:00pm (3 CEUs)

Imago Relationship Therapy:  Becoming Competent in couple’s work

Couple’s work can often feel overwhelming for clinicians. In spite of years of training in psychotherapy, the thought of having to manage the energy and the conflict of two people leads many therapists to run the other way.  Imago Relationship Therapy is an approach with a thirty-year track record. It provides clinicians with a new perspective into conceptualizing conflict as well as a clear structure for running a session, allowing the therapist to remain in control of the room and achieve phenomenal results.

This interactive training offers concrete steps for providing successful couples counseling. Participants will gain confidence in couples work when they understand the methods  employed by Imago therapists. Clinicians will learn how to better conceptualize the conflict that the couples is experiencing, and how to create enough safety to de-escalate the conflict and help the couple reconnect. Participants will also be exposed to the Imago Dialogue process and how it can be used to elicit more effective communication, understanding, and compassion.  (Trainer Rabbi Shlomo Slatkin, MS, LCPC is a certified Imago Relationship Therapy Advanced Clinician. Known as the Relationship Rabbi, after his blog by the same name,  Rabbi Slatkin is the author of numerous publications including co-authorship of the Jewish Version of Couplehood as a Spiritual Path. He is also a founder of the Marriage Restoration Project)

Class 2  1:45pm-4:45pm (3 CEUs)

Treating the Out-of-Control Adolescent: A Step by Step Guide  

This new workshop explores prevalent adolescent behaviors that parents, caregivers, and staff are faced with. Participants will learn how to effectively set boundaries and develop clear rules and how to teach these skills to parents and caregivers. Learn how to “win” arguments by understanding the button pushing game and develop a therapeutic process of getting results without obscuring treatment outcomes. Participants will be able to identify self-defeating behavior traps that caregivers fall into and develop a process of reducing at-risk behaviors in adolescents. (Trainer Tara Rice, LCSW-C, Director the TARA Center)



*Evening Ethics*


5:30pm – 8:30pm

Class 3 (3 Category I Ethics CEUs)

The Change Ethic!

Why does change seem so hard? What can we learn about change from alligators, elephants, and a Code of Ethics?

One of the most basic ethical principles of the helping professions is that clinicians need to assist clients in realizing their capacity to change. While this ethical principle goes to the very core of practice, practitioners often find themselves at a loss when working with “resistant” clients. This interactive training will examine the obligation to help clients change and teach effective methods to achieving this ethical obligation. (Trainer Jeffrey Davidson LCSW-C, LICSW)


This CE You! Marathon Seminar includes three excellent classes (a total of 9 category I CEUs). You can attend all three classes or select individual classes. The Cost of the full seminar is $149. Two classes are $99. One class is $59. Refreshments are served through out the day.

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