Workplace Bullying, Religious Diversity, Ethics and Cultural Competence Seminar!

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Workplace Bullying, Religious Diversity,

Ethics and Cultural Competence Seminar!

 March 29, 2016

Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE)

810 1st Street NE, Room 806 (8th floor)

Washington, D.C. 20002Symbol to indicate that the branch meets accessibility standards


(Accessible by Metro Red line, Union Station, 1st Street Exit)


This One Day Seminar includes two excellent classes, a total of 6 CEUs. Refreshments are served throughout the day. The cost of the full day is $99. You may attend an individual class for $59.



Class 1 – 10:15am-1:15pm (3 CEUs)

The Bully in the Workplace! Emotional and Ethical Implications

According to Dr. Ruth Namie of the Workplace Bullying Institute (WBI), “Work Shouldn’t Hurt”! Work should be a place where excellence and productivity are expected, but managers should not create or encourage hostile work environments that cause psychological harm to employees. However, the reality is that one in ten professionals will experience workplace bullying or abuse in their career (Workplace Bullying Institute, 2014).

This interactive training will help mental health participants understand the characteristics of workplace bullying. The legal, ethical and health implications of workplace bullying will be explored. Through videos and interactive discussions, participants will identify the characteristics of workplace bullying. Mental health professionals will learn how to differentiate between workplace bulling and a negative work environment.

Participants will learn various ways to help victims of workplace bullying in the counseling setting as well as how to assist organizations in handling this problem. (Trainer: Deidra A. Sorrell, Ed.D., NCC, LPC, LCPC, ACS)


Class 2 – 2:00pm-5:00pm (3 CEUs)

Believe it or Not! Developing Religious Competency in Mental Health Treatment

What do you do when a devoutly spiritual client comes to you, wants to include their spirituality in their treatment and you are not very familiar with their religion? Have you ever felt confused as to whether or not a client’s religion or spirituality was hurting them or helping them? Multicultural competency in the mental health professions includes knowledge of religious diversity. “Spirituality continues to be a salient aspect of human psychological functioning…” (Peidmont, 2004). Learning the basics of many religions and some foundational cross-cultural concepts and principles can equip you toward a more thorough religious competency.

This interactive training will help participants understand the basic teachings and practices of major world religions. Participants will learn how to address a client’s religion and spirituality, if and when to incorporate it into treatment, and some common issues pertinent to treating clients from different religions. (Trainer Erik Hadden, MA, LCPC, Vital Sources Psychological Services)


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Workplace Bullying, Religious Diversity, Ethics and Cultural Competence 3-29-16 - Cost $ 99.00

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