Sept 26, 2011 – One day Seminar – Catonsville Library

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The Ethics and Placement Stability Seminar

September 26, 2011

Catonsville Library[Accessibility Symbol]

1100 Frederick Road
Catonsville, Maryland 21228

Registration and Refreshments 9:45



Class 1 – Promoting Safety, Placement Stability and Permanency through Home Visits and Client Contacts (3 Category I CEUs)

How a social worker interacts with children and their families can have a major impact on placement safety and permanency outcomes.

This interactive training will enhance the skills needed to help create safe transitions for youth being serviced within a child welfare organization. Building  on the concepts of attachment, strengths-based assessment and planning, child and youth development, and effective interviewing, social workers will practice skills through role plays and preparatory activities. Participants will also examine real case scenarios and sharpen assessment and safety planning skills that will be useful to all areas of social work. Caseworker will enhance their ability to structure and conduct child visits in a way that promotes placement stability, well-being, and permanency. (Trainer: Tara Rice, LGSW)


1:45 -4:45

Class 1 – The Change Ethic (3 Category I Ethics CEUs)

Why does change seem so hard? What can we learn about change from alligators, elephants, and a social work Code of Ethics?

One of the most basic ethical principals of social work is that social workers need to assist clients in realizing their capacity to change. While this ethical principle goes to the very core of social work, practitioners often find themselves at a loss when working with “resistant” clients. This interactive training will examine a social worker’s obligation to help clients change and teach effective methods to achieving this ethical obligation. (Trainer Jeffrey Davidson LCSW-C, LICSW)


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